DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint

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DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint
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3,627 backers pledged $327,614.69 on Kickstarter

Choose from either the base game or the brand new Rogue and Barbarian Expansion! Both offered in Standard and Gold Edition. Please check out the Kickstarter page for further information.

Raised in Kickstarter
$327,614.69 / 3,627 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$98,968.81 / 3,592 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: December 2017
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Solid metal and created in collaboration with Worldbuilders, Patrick Rothfusss the Bard-Barian re... more »
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Box Of Holding
The Box of Holding will hold both Dragoon and the Expansion. The inside will also hold the insert... more »
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Dragoon Pin
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Mispelld Stickir Pak
5 illustrated stickers using misspelled names of characters from Dragoon. Includes the Rowg, Barb... more »
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Expansion STANDARD
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Comes with 6 copies of Dragoon STANDARD (plastic pieces) and ships in December 2017. If you ne... more »
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RETAIL ONLY: Expansion STANDARD 6x Carton
Comes with 6 copies of The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion STANDARD (plastic pieces) and ships in D... more »
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Learn About Our Project:




After being funded on Kickstarter in 2015 and raising over $88,000 from 1,295 backers, we have sold out of our first print run! OH MY! But we aren't just printing the game again. No no my dear dragons! We are back with two new versions that most have never seen!

The dragon finishes in this set are real Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black Nickel. The choice is yours, but we are partial to the sweet, sweet gold in the GOLD EDITION. However, we are very excited to bring back the classic Dragoon dragon names of Ketchup, Squash, Seamonster, and Bone, now in plastic!


But we don't want to do JUST another print run. That would be boring! So we are launching The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion on Kickstarter! The expansion expands the core game for up to 6 players in any combination. It also adds asymmetrical gameplay, as both humans come with completely different movesets! 

The game has been rigorously tested over the last year by hundreds of backers, peers, and most importantly by Jeff. THANKS JEFF! You know Jeff, right?

While we don't have the plastic pieces mold made, here is a look at the models what we have in store for the expansion!

And of course, you can choose between plastic or metal. Also, the plastic Rogue and Barbarian need names! Any suggestions??

Please note the pieces below have been enlarged to show detail. Otherwise, we would be sending out foot tall dragons, which is kind of crazy. But maybe a good idea!

In collaboration with Wyrmwood, we are very proud to announce the Wyvern Edition! Our Clawferman was amazing, and Wyrmwood was somehow able to raise the bar. Stay tuned for more details, including a video directly from Wyrmwood on the creation process!


Dragoon STANDARD, Expansion STANDARD, and Expansion GOLD EDTION can only be purchased on Kickstarter at this time. We are currently selling Dragoon GOLD EDITION at conventions and on Kickstarter. Here is a list of the conventions you can find us at if you prefer to purchase it in person. We also have other goodies at conventions, so come say hi!

  • PAX East - Booth C3016
  • SXSW - Booth 2015
  • Origins (maybe)
  • GenCon
  • PAX West

All of these items can be added to your order by simply increasing your pledge amount by your desired total add-on value. After the campaign ends, you will be given the ability to pick your selections through BackerKit. However, there is one special add-on we want to feature.

In collaboration with Pat Rothfuss and Worldbuilders, we are proud to announce the almighty Bard-Barian! Solid metal finished in copper with black highlights, the Bard-Barian uses his penchant for storytelling to defeat his foes. If that doesn’t work, his lute will do the talking.

This figure has been in the works for some time, and our goal is to raise awareness of Worldbuilders in a big way. In case you don't know about them...

They are truly geeks doing good and that is precisely why we want to spread their name. Click here to learn more about Worldbuilders and the amazing work they do.

For the items below that are indicated as limited, these will be available in BackerKit on a first come basis. The sooner you complete your survey, the better shot you have at getting one of them. We will be sure to give all backers plenty of notice. You do not need to worry about rushing to reserve them now. This will happen after the campaign.




While we are planning on releasing our own walkthrough videos, we would like to feature two stellar walkthroughs that do a great job showing how Dragoon is played. And oddly enough, they are both meeples!

For a quick, concise walkthrough, check out The Bearded Meeple's video. For a bit more in depth analysis, check out The Chubby Meeple's video


 And for a look into the expansion mechanics, check out Unfiltered Gamer's walkthrough.


Thank you to all the stellar reviewers out there who have checked out Dragoon. These are all fabulous folks below, so definitely check out their other work beyond our game.

"Dragoon is both beautiful and stylish." -BOARDGAMING.COM
"Clean rules and mechanics make for a fun and very accessible game." -GHETTOBLASTER
"I swear I almost never pile it on the bed and sleep on it." -GAMEOSITY
"There's multiple strategies you can use to win" -SWEET KICKS WITH BRICKS

Not a review but some pretty photos! From The Review Board

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Base Game Instructions    Expansion Instructions (not final form)

Backers in the EU and CANADA will not have to pay any customs fees!

We have decided to charge shipping after the campaign ends through BackerKit. By doing so, we can ensure you get charged the shipping you deserve. [insert Christian Bale as Batman here]

By using BackerKit to collect shipping post campaign, we are able to factor in your pledge tier, all stretch goals, and all add-ons. However, we can offer estimated shipping costs.

Please keep in mind these are estimates, and the more items you purchase, the more shipping will cost. So if you buy 100 games, you will not only have enough metal to build a car, but you will pay a higher shipping price.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our family, friends, and significant others. Without you, Dragoon would be nothing. You put up with us talking about this damn game every day in person and online. Frankly, we are amazed you haven't at least unfriended us!

Also, the current campaign would not be where it is without the stellar work of these organizations. Big thanks to them.

And last but not least, thank you to these talented actors for their Oscar worthy performances in the video above.

Takanori Masui - The Copper Dragon
Sephra Mohammed - The Gold Dragon
Kristine Resendes - The Rogue
Valeriya Rimer - The Barbarian
Rob Silva - The Silver Dragon

Bang Camaro
"Out On The Streets"

Lay Waste Games was founded by Jake Given, Zach Given, Nick Nazzaro, and Jonathan Ritter-Roderick. We formed in 2014 with the sole goal of making Dragoon a reality. In 2015, that came true thanks to 1,295 amazing Kickstarter backers.

We have a number of games planned the future, and hope you will be along for the journey.