DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint

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DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint
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3,627 backers pledged $327,614.69 on Kickstarter

Choose from either the base game or the brand new Rogue and Barbarian Expansion! Both offered in Standard and Gold Edition. Please check out the Kickstarter page for further information.

Raised in Kickstarter
$327,614.69 / 3,627 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

While we are waiting...A NEW GAME!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 08:18:44 PM

We are back with an important update! But wow are we tired. Beyond finalizing files for Dragoon, we flew to Essen Germany for Spiel and attended Metatopia in New Jersey, all while carrying more metal than you care to know about. 

But fear not fellow dragons! Panda is working diligently on Dragoon, which feels so good! But now we are playing the waiting game with all of you until the pallets are dropped into our cave. So while we all sit, dreaming of dragons, what better way to celebrate than with a new game...NEXT WEEK!


We have mixed time travel, social deduction, and stupid humans and here is the result. Our excitement is at an all time high because this is our first game outside of the Dragoon world...or is it? Human Era has gone through many major changes since its inception, and over the past months, we have turned it into something wildly fun. A special thank you to all the backers who playtested this early on. Your feedback was crucial and you helped shape this game in a big way.

Feel free to ask questions below, and stay tuned for more details!

Lay Waste Games

Production Update + Human Era Print-And-Play
2 months ago – Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 01:49:01 AM

Hey dragons,

A number of items to get to, so let’s dive right in.

Production Update

As most of you already know, our production company for Dragoon has been AdMagic for the past few years. We are now switching to Panda. They are another stellar company that has produced amazing games like Scythe, Dead of Winter, and Above and Below. Due to this change, Kickstarter fulfillment for all items is going to be delayed by about 4 months. We are still working out the details, and will keep you in the loop as always.

The reason for this switch is both very uncommon and unavoidable. A factory that AdMagic was working with raised their prices by a sizable amount for Dragoon in recent weeks. We tried to financially make it work, but ultimately could not afford the drastic increase. AdMagic has since stopped working with that factory. Now, in order to turnaround around Dragoon with time, quality, and cost in mind, we need to make a switch.

There were many factories we could have chosen over Panda, but with others, quality, price, and/or timing did not line up. Our goal is to get you the best quality game possible. Period. We did not want to go with factories that offered faster turn around times, but lowered the quality you all expect from Lay Waste Games.

We are in the process of switching over assets, and preparing preproduction copies from Panda. Once ready, we will be sure to send out photos and details. In the meantime, toss any questions below and we will be more than happy to answer.

Human Era Print-And-Play

While Jon has been focusing on Dragoon production, Jake, Nick, and Zach have been hard at work with Human Era. And we're looking for your feedback! As backers of Dragoon and the expansion, your thoughts are extremely valuable. To get a print and play copy of the current Human Era prototype, please join our Facebook group below.


The print-and-play will be ready in the coming weeks. If you join the group, you will be the first to get it! The launch date of Human Era is still undetermined, so please stay tuned.


We have played this game a number of times with the designer Marshall Britt, and it is killer. Here is the breakdown.

Re-Chord is a strategy boardgame for 2-4 players which plays in approximately 30-45 minutes. Each player is a budding guitarist for one of the various genres of music. Using real guitar picks and chords, guitarists have to use cunning and clever strategies to become the most popular guitarist of all time.

Not only does this game draw you in with strategy, the addition of real guitar picks truly puts it over the top for us. You definitely don’t need to play guitar to love this game. They just launched, so check it out on Kickstarter here!

Feel free to toss any questions below and we will answer away!


Lay Waste Games

Production Update + New Game + Killer Game We Played
3 months ago – Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 11:12:31 PM

Hello dragons!

It's be a while! We missed you all :) The team is fairly dead tired from GenCon and PAX West nearly back to back, but we finally have some down time to sleep in our caves. For those who did not see us at PAX West, we have a pretty big announcement. You will find it below! But first, a production update.


Production is still moving along. About half of the Gold Edition base games are packed and ready, the Gold Edition expansion metal is in process (that is about 2 tons of metal for those counting at home), and all Standard base and expansions are in preproduction. We will have preproduction samples to show you very soon!


While Jon has been going all out focusing on the production of Dragoon, what did Jake and Zach do? They designed Human Era! And Nick made art for the game! All you Dragoon fans are familiar with the stupid stupid humans, right? Well the premise is humans have discovered time travel and instantly screwed things up. The world is about the end, but there is one last remaining time machine.

Your goal is to fix the mess humans have made. However, every player has a secret role, and not everyone wants time to be corrected and existence saved.



The release date is currently up in the air. If the game is ready by November, we may launch a Kickstarter at PAX Unplugged (November 2017). However, if development is not ready, we would delay until closer to PAX East (April 2018).

Click here to be alerted when HUMAN ERA launches!

We will be sure to alert all Dragoon backers when new games launch, but feel free to sign up for the mailing list as well.


We recently played a game at PAX West that really made us smile. Someone Has Died is an awesome card game with huge fun packed inside. I don’t want to bury the lead (pun intended) but someone has died, and now you are fighting over who gets their fortune. It involves a little acting, a little imagination, and the end result is a blast. Click here to check the game out!




We have three events planned for the rest of the year: Boston Festival of Indie Games, Essen, and PAX Unplugged. We will be selling Dragoon Gold Edition and demoing Human Era at them all, so please swing by!

Feel free to toss any questions below and we will answer away!

Lay Waste Games

Kickstarter Live Today + GenCon Events Signup
4 months ago – Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 09:19:43 PM

Hey dragons!

Production wise, we are moving along. We just finished casting another 1,000 base game sets, and next is the expansion! Also, 148 surveys still need to be filled out. Let's get to 100%. Click here to fill out your survey.


We will be going live on the Beasts of Balance Kickstarter page at 1pm EST today with members of Leder Games (Vast), Greater Than Games (Sentinels of the Multiverse), and of course Sensible Object (Beasts of Balance).

Click here to head over to the BoB Kickstarter page to ask questions, chat, and be merry!

GENCON (Aug 17-20)

We will be at GenCon Booth 3035 selling and demoing Dragoon. Given this will be GenCon 50 and the mascot is a gold dragon, we expect a huge turnout!

We will also be running events for Dragoon, the expansion, and panels! Click below to signup...

Being An Artist In The Gaming Industry (SIGN UP HERE)

  • Ashley Mitchell (Exploding Kittens)
  • Echo Chernik (Tak)
  • Kyle Ferrin (Vast)
  • Leri Greer (Giant Killer Robots)
  • Nick Nazzaro (Dragoon)

Playtesting: Making A Good Game Great (SIGN UP HERE)

  • Aviva Schecterson (Loneshark Games)
  • Carly McGinnis (Exploding Kittens)
  • Jake Given (Dragoon)
  • Matt Fantastic (Prettiest Princess Games)

Tabletop Design: Make Fancy Dumb Stuff (SIGN UP HERE)

  • Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven)
  • Jon Ritter (Dragoon)
  • Keith Baker (Gloom/Illimat/ActionCats!)
  • Nicola Booth (Giant Killer Robots)

The Role Of Randomness In Game Design (SIGN UP HERE)

  • Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven)
  • Jake Given (Dragoon)
  • Matt Fantastic (Prettiest Princess Games)
  • Patrick Leder (Vast)

Sign up for base and expansion demo events!

We hope to see you there and that you give us a big ROAR! If you have any questions, please drop us an email at :)

Lay Waste Games

The coin is in! + Another dragon approaches? + And cats?!
5 months ago – Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 12:50:42 AM

Hello dragons!

(Fill out your survey if you haven’t yet :) Click here if you lost the link.)

We have been working our tails off on the new models, and we have just received the master copy of the brand new Kickstarter Exclusive coin. And here it is!


The new design sports a dragon skull head and the reverse is a mix of the Rogue (shovel) and the Barbarian (Axe). From here, we are casting up over 3,000 and getting them finished in precious gold!

We also receive the Kickstarter exclusive pin!

The one of the left is the exclusive, and the right is the one we currently sell at conventions.

ANOTHER DRAGON? And a...crab?

Wait wait. There can be only one gold dragon, right? Well apparently not! Our friends over at Sensible Object just launched an expansion for their fabulous game Beasts of Balance. Think Jenga meets Pokemon. It is truly gorgeous.


And behold (if you didn't see him in the image above), they have included a dragon! MAGMAAARGH THE CANTANKEROUS!


Sensible Object enlisted the metal work of Lay Waste Games’ own Jon Ritter (Eleven Metal) to make a golden version of MAGMAAARGH! (so predictable)

Want to get MAGMAAARGH in golden glory?? Click here!

Oh, and if you back within the next 24 hours or so, you get a free crab! Crab crab crab crab.


Lots of fun to be had in the Beasts of Balance campaign!


Do you like cats? Yes? That answer is correct! Our friends at Twogether Studios just launch an adorable new game called Action Cats! It’s all about telling cat stories and it comes packed with cat pics completely crowd sourced from your submissions.

Want to submit your own cats and tell cat stories? Click here!

We love cats and will be submitting our own cat pictures soon. You should too!


Cats are basically modern day dragons. They rule their domain and casually lay on things they love without a care in the world.

That is all for now!

Lay Waste Games